Saturday, 16 April 2011

Art blossom Japanrelief Aid Art Project

One of my artist friend Nipponaisuki organised a new project!
The following is from his blog entry about it:

It has been 11 days since the huge earthquake struck Japan on 11th March with a magnitude of 9.0 that occurred 80 miles away from Japan’s northern coast. Being the largest earthquake to hit Japan in its recorded history and the 4th largest worldwide, Japan has also been hit hard by Tsunami waves leaving a large wake of destruction and devastation. Moreover, Japan faces an ongoing battle to contain its Fukushima nuclear reactor plant, to ensure national and global safety.

Despite these tragic events, there are many stories of solidarity, compassion and fighting for survival emerging, offering much hope and inspiration.

To show their support and appreciation towards a country that first inspired them to pursue a life of creativity, Manga artist and Illustrator Juan-Carlos Cambón (DeadlyKawaii/ Nipponaisuki) and Master calligrapher Hiroko-Fukuda (art Project Wakoshi), have set up project ART BLOSSOM JAPAN to raise funding towards those directly affected by this natural disaster.

Working with talented Manga artist and Illustrators Zarina Liew (Cobalt Café), Inko and Chie Kutsuwada (Umisen-Yamasen), this project’s aim is to unite Manga-ka/Comic artists and Illustrators from all corners of the world to help raise funds towards supporting those who are without homes or have lost loved ones in Japan, by donating their artwork. ART BLOSSOM JAPAN does not stop here however as there is a more long-term goal to continue to donate towards charitable causes around the world.

This is a project created by artists, for artists, to come together and offer their unique skills and their blossoming creations to help and inspire others in need.

With Japan coming into its iconic spring “Hanami” Sakura blossoming season , this is a call for Manga/ Comic artists and Illustrators to let your creativity bloom and send a message of encouragement to help make the deeply artistic and cultural country of Japan blossom in full bloom once more!

Donated artwork from Artists will be displayed and sold through the Art Blossom Japan site, along with all the artists details, at the Artist's suggested price and 100% of all proceeds raised (minus shipping fees) will be donated to Red Cross Relief Aids and selected charities, with the aim to continue to help donate to causes around the world. Art Blossom Japan is a non-profit organization.

We are accepting originals and printed artwork submissions from Manga-ka/ Comic artists and Illustrators from around the world.
All submissions will be reviewed in the first instance and should have some reference to Japan.

The ART BLOSSOM JAPAN website will be released Very soon!

For further details please send enquiries to: