Tuesday, 14 June 2011

SPIRIT OF HOPE charity comic for Japan /New Zealand

On March 11 2011 Japan suffered an earthquake of enormous and devastating power...
The scars still very much open and sore that makes me think what I can do for my home country from England.
I've been joining various anthologies and charity events and Spirit of Hope is one of the charity anthologies for earthquake appeal for Japan and New Zealand.
The 3 page comic titled "The Ship" is written by brilliant Richmond Clements, and I contributed an art.

Each copy will cost you £14.99, plus £3 for postage and packing.You can choose which cover you prefer – when ordering, say whether you want Jimmy Broxton or Michael Allred. (Of course, you could always get both.) When the advance orders are sent out, the CBA hopes to include 3 small limited edition prints of the covers and an extra picture.
Send your order to The Comic Book Alliance, PO Box 165, Marple, Cheshire SK6 7BL. You can download an order form from the CBA website (and find out more about the CBA while you’re there.) Cheques & postal orders should be made out to ‘The Comic Book Alliance’. At the moment the CBA doesn’t offer electronic ordering and payment, but they hope to be able to do so very soon.