Thursday, 26 June 2014

Japan Expo Paris - 2nd July - 6th July

In next week, "D.K./UMISEN-YAMASEN (me, Chie Kutsuwada, Artist DeadlyKawaii )will be joining Japan Expo in Paris! Our table is DN93 in Hall 6. Please visit us to check out new postcards, and get manga portraits!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Do you want to taste a bit of Japanese horror manga?

A genealogy of Japanese horror manga - 200 years ago Japanese people loved having a gathering of telling 100 scary tales especially in hot summer night in order to get a little chill.

But Sekien Toriyama published a Yokai catalogue which gave many scary folklores clear visual images. Collectionism is really a part of our culture(gotta catch'em all!!)

1960- Shigeru MIzuki (yokai stories) - '70&'80 - Kazuo Umezu (Sci-Fi/ monsters) - Hideshi Hino (lyrical spratter), '90~ Junji Ito (dark surrealism).
2000- There are more mangas of adaptation of urban legends. Such as Ryoko Yamagishi's "Yurei Dan (Ghost Tales)"Minetaro Mochizuki's "Zashiki Onna(Zashiki Woman)", and Masaaki Nakayama's "Fuan no Tane (Pet Peeve)".

Those skillfully drawn and told horror manga are so eerie that you might don't want to keep the copy in your home...

By the way, m absolute favorite horror manga is "Tomie" by Junji Ito. Tomie is a name of a girl who most men fell in love instantly in first site. But then for no reason they develop an urge to cut her apart, but all parts of her body grow into another Tomie... o






Monday, 16 June 2014

Love unlimited

I gave a manga workshop at Phoenix Gallery last Friday titled 'Love Unlimited".
Having Chie Kutsuwada as a guest artist to talk about love romance manga including Yaoi with its brief history, recent trend, and broad genre treating some kind of "Love": Love manga for boys, for girls, Yaoi, Yuri, Otoko no ko, and so on with actual samples.

We also discussed with participants about escapism and gender issues on the market.

Why Yaoi market is ever so growing now?
Is it differ from Gay comic?
What group of people are attracted by Yuri manga?

There are countless subjects we could have explore more.

Finally we did an activity to try expressing a relationship by drawing 2 characters together.
Intense love? Or rivals? Tsundere? Bromance? Giving it try to explain what kind of relationship the characters have as much as possible by the drawing.

The way of expression of different kind of love are indeed unlimited. I hope the introductions and the practice would inspire all creators.