Saturday, 2 May 2015

Gay and Yuri themed Japanese comics

Thank you for everyone who invited me to join a talk and visitors to hear the Panel discussion: Yaoi and Japanese style art in LGBT themed comics.

Just wanted to introduce images I showed and artists I mentioned in the talk. So anyone who missed the names, here they are!

The B&W hairy man image is one of the typical cover images by the most famous Japanese gay manga artist, Gengoroh Tagame. ( ) He started in his career from 1982 frequently on gay pornographic magazines. Which clearly divided from Yaoi manga world (Yaoi : male-male love themed works created by female artists consumed by mainly female fans).

The colour image is the cover of a Yuri manga magazine 'Yurihime (lily princess)'.

Yuri is the term to address girl-girl love relationship themed works including manga. Now growing culture but it still has a 1/10 scale of its market compare with Yaoi's.
The term 'Yuri (lilies)' named as the pair nick name of 'Bara (roses)' which for homosexual contents by the editor of gay magazine "Barazoku (Rose tribes)"

Yurihime wiki tells 73% of its readers are female (not necessarily having their real sexuality is homosexual or bisexual). But another Yuri manga magazine from the same publisher Yurihime S which has more graphic contents attracts more male readers (62% male readers).
The good example of Yuri manga is 'Yuruyuri' ( by Namori.

There are more diverse of genre such as Otokonoko (cross dressing) or Futanari (hermaphroditism) if you dare to explore more. wink emoticon
The last B&W image is a page from my first Yaoi comic "Ascending". A very short story of a prince and his flute teacher and its available at conventions from my table.