Monday, 16 June 2014

Love unlimited

I gave a manga workshop at Phoenix Gallery last Friday titled 'Love Unlimited".
Having Chie Kutsuwada as a guest artist to talk about love romance manga including Yaoi with its brief history, recent trend, and broad genre treating some kind of "Love": Love manga for boys, for girls, Yaoi, Yuri, Otoko no ko, and so on with actual samples.

We also discussed with participants about escapism and gender issues on the market.

Why Yaoi market is ever so growing now?
Is it differ from Gay comic?
What group of people are attracted by Yuri manga?

There are countless subjects we could have explore more.

Finally we did an activity to try expressing a relationship by drawing 2 characters together.
Intense love? Or rivals? Tsundere? Bromance? Giving it try to explain what kind of relationship the characters have as much as possible by the drawing.

The way of expression of different kind of love are indeed unlimited. I hope the introductions and the practice would inspire all creators.